About the company

Герб 20 лет малый (eng).pngJoint Stock Company (JSC) ROSTEK-Vyborg specializes in complex customs registration of cargoes (automobile, floating and railway) in the Vyborg customs area of operation. The company is a part of the state holding "ROSTEK" consisting of more than 200 branches and societies on the territory of the Russian Federation. The main scope of activity of the holding is servicing objects of customs infrastructure and delivery of services to participants of international business. 

For 20 years JSC ROSTEK-Vyborg is a customs broker (representative). On the basis of the certificate on entering the Register of customs brokers (representatives) 0213/01 from 29.12.2010 the activity of the company is carried out without restriction on means of transport, regions of activity, the goods and types of customs operations. There are 19 customs registration experts in the company and each of them is certified by the Federal Customs Service of Russia. Every year a customs broker legalizes up to 4500 customs declarations of various complexity, including:

  • electronic declaring of the goods;
  • preliminary informing on the goods and the vehicles crossing the customs border of the Customs union;
  • remote release of the goods;
  • calculating customs payments on goods items assumed to registration, projecting the foreign trade contracts.

Also the field of activity of JSC ROSTEK-Vyborg includes warehouse and transport logistics. In the management of warehouse logistics there are four warehouses of temporary storage, two of which are customs and logistic terminals of the 2nd category. Since January 2011 the operation of customs-logistics terminal “Brusnichny” started (the 1st turn of construction was completed in 2010). On CLT "Brusnihny" customs control of the goods and storage of the goods under customs control is carried out. Every month about 1000 vehicles are legalized on the terminal. Besides, in Svetogorsk there is the Svetogorsky customs and logistic terminal. Every month over 500 vehicles pass registration on this terminal. Now the company is reconstructing the “Brusnichnuj” customs logistic terminal.

8 Apr 2015
На таможенном посту МАПП Торфяновка Выборгской таможни выявлен факт незаконного вывоза с территории Российской Федерации табачных изделий с сокрытием от таможенного контроля.
2 Apr 2015

Денежное вознаграждение за сокрытие факта выявления перемещения товара с нарушением таможенных правил предлагал таможенному инспектору житель Санкт-Петербурга, в автомобиле которого был обнаружен тайник с сигаретами.

30 Mar 2015
Тридцать восемь предметов, перемещаемых через российско-финляндскую границу в регионе деятельности Выборгской таможни, были признаны культурными ценностями.